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Code: 5-0026-00072
"Butterfly" earringsHandmade small hanging earrings, made of stainless steel in silver color with liquid glass motif and with a beige pearl.Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 cm..
Code: 4-0006-00087
Handmade "Butterfly" mask.Materials: handmade plaster mold, flowers, ribbons, paint and polishDimensions: 17 x 11 cm..
Code: 5-0026-00097
Necklace with a wide and 2 thin cords in burgundy color and a pendant in a butterfly design (5 x 4 cm) made of liquid glass in black color with gold details. A simple but elegant necklace suitable to be worn at all times.Cord length 40 cm plus a 3 cm extension with clasp..
Code: 5-0026-00066
With a silver metallic frame in the shape of a butterfly with wings made of semi-precious stones in white-silver color. Metal safety pin clasp.It doesn't rustDimensions: 5 x 3.4 cmGreat jewelry that goes with most monochrome jackets and coats..
Code: 4-0006-00088
Handmade red-black-gold checkered mask.Materials: handmade plaster mold, wax, gold leaf, ribbons, paint, polish and clayDimensions: 17 x 11 cm..
Code: 5-0023-00074
"Crescent" earringsLarge stud earrings, made of plexiglass motifs in black and gold.Dimensions: 5.5 x 4 cm..
Code: 5-0023-00050
Handmade necklace made of stainless steel, and semi-precious sodalite stones.Length: 21 cm with claspUnique piece of jewelry with cut stones..
Code: 4-0017-00144
"Delta" Lamp. Handmade table lamp made from olive wood in the shape of the Greek letter "Δ" delta.Dimensions: 27 x 56 cm  ..
Code: 5-0026-00077
Brown and beige Aventurine in the shape of chips with knitted elastic thread in three rows. Unique, handmade jewelryWidth: 2 cm..
Code: 3-0013-00017
This handmade wooden elephant - beetle "Mammoth" toy stimulates imagination and brings the toddlers in contact with the concept of transformation. When the edges of our wooden animal rotate in specific positions, the figures created form 2 animals. Thus, the child is actively involved..
Code: 5-0026-00081
Handmade "Eye" braceletWith black lava stones made by hand and an orange aventurine with great elasticity. A very special piece that you will enjoy...
Code: 4-0006-00196
Handmade "Face with a tear" mask.Materials: handmade plaster mold, various colors, gold fabric and paintDimensions: 17 x 11 cm..
Code: 4-0017-00142
"Flame" Lamp. Handmade table lamp with bark from eucalyptus tree trunks.Dimensions: base width 18 x 18 cm, height 63 cm..
Code: 5-0007-00025
"Flowers at Dawn" earrings An outstanding pair of earrings with glass, metallic and wooden beads of different sizes and textures on steel wire...
Code: 5-0023-00055
Handmade wooden neck pendant made of liquid glass decorated with colorful rhinestones.Diameter: 7 cm..
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