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Code: 4-0002-00020
Wreath with clay flowers.Materials: paper, clay, paintDiameter: 12.5 cmThe wreath stand is not included in the purchase of the product...
Code: 4-0002-00019
Wreath with flowers and a hat.Materials: paper, clay, paintDiameter: 13 cm..
Code: 4-0002-00125
Wreath with houses, flowers and light blue and yellow ribbons.Materials: clay, flowers, light blue ribbons, yellow ribbonsDiameter: 20 cm..
Code: 5-0002-00004
Handmade pin in the shape of a hat made of clay in yellow color with blue ribbon.Diameter: 6 cm..
Code: 4-0018-00164
Cleaning solution for the yoga mat in a biodegradable cane bottle. Contains witch hazel water, water and essential oils of lemon, lavender and tea tree.Vegan – 100ml ..
Code: 4-0006-00078
Handmade boat in a yellow to orange gradient color, made without mold. For indoor or outdoor wall decoration, with the ability to beautifully decorate your wall.Materials: clay, acrylic paints and varnishesDimensions: 14 x 14 cm..
Code: 4-0002-00005
Square bottle with window sill composition with flowers made of clay, paints and wood.Dimentions: 31x8 cm..
Code: 5-0002-00017
Handmade heart-shaped clay earrings in purple and black colors and with metallic elements.Dimensions: Width 4 cm, Lentgh 3 cm ..
Code: 5-0027-00096
Handmade necklace with white Fresh Water Pearl 7.5-8 mm, 2 K14 washers and K14 clasp. Steel wire: Yellow..
Code: 5-0002-0041
“Purple view" Νecklace and earrings setHandmade long ethnic necklace made of clay in beige color with gold details and purple silk threads accompanied by the same designed earrings...
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