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Code: 5-0023-00056
Handmade wooden "Frida Kahlo" pin decorated with colorful rhinestones and acrylic flowers.Diameter: 7.5 cm..
Code: 3-0007-00002
"Friendship" braceletFriendship is a selfless relationship that is at the heart.These little hearts tied together are a symbol of friendship for someone you truly love...
Code: 5-0007-00024
"Goddess of Abundance" necklace This short necklace with three rows of glass beads, jade, fluorite, pearls and a large mother-of-pearl teardrop hanging in the center, brings exceptional shine and adorns the neck spectacularly and minimally. The mother of pearl is made of natural and organi..
Code: 3-0007-00003
Handmade "Golden Drops" braceletKnitted chain with crochet and golden glass beads, for those who demand uniqueness...
Code: 5-0023-00051
Handmade necklace made of stainless steel and semi-precious Aventurine stones in an irregular shape.Length: 41 cm..
Code: 5-0007-00023
"Green Lake" necklaceGreen aventurine for health, good luck and longevity combined with vintage glass beads. A short necklace that emphasizes the neck and contrasts beautifully with tanned skin...
Code: 5-0026-00083
Handmade "Grey" braceletMade by hand with lava stones in black grey color and with a grey aventurine on the middle with great elasticity. A very distinctive piece that you will love.Width: 1.8 cm..
Code: 5-0007-00026
"Half-Half" earringsHandmade dangle earrings with a design pattern on the one side and with wooden and glass beads...
Code: 5-0026-00071
"Heart" earringsLarge earrings, made of stainless steel in golden color, liquid glass motif, in green color and semi-precious stones hanging.Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.8 cm..
Code: 5-0026-00070
"Heart" earringsLarge, made of stainless steel, liquid glass motif, in pink color with shadows and semi-precious stones hanging.Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 cm..
"Heart" Necklace "Heart" Necklace
New 2-3 Days
Code: 5-0026-00087
"Heart" necklaceHandmade short necklace with black round leather cord and heart pendant made of semi-precious stone in burgundy color.It is 22 cm long with a 5 cm extension with clasp..
Code: 5-0026-00061
"Heart" ring with a metal frame in silver color that has an elaborate heart-shaped silver frame with a semi-precious marble type of stone in beige color.Dimensions: 3 x 3 cmVariable opening..
Code: 4-0003-00053
Painting on paper "Internal paths".Dimensions: 18 x 14 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
Code: 5-0007-00022
"Ira" necklaceTransparent quartz with glass beads in electric blue, turquoise and light blue colors. The protective power of quartz in a long two-row necklace...
Code: 5-0026-00088
Necklace with round green leather cord and pendant in the design of a circle (5 x 5 cm) made of genuine malachite. Simple yet elegant handmade necklace ideal to wear at all hours.Cord length 38 cm with clasp..
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