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Code: 5-0026-00078
"Lava" bracelet With lava stones made by hand in a combination of black and white elastic. Distinctable earthy elements. A special piece that you will love...
Code: 5-0026-00073
"Leaf" earringsHandmade hanging earrings from liquid glass in dark honey color.Dimensions: 3 x 1.2 cm..
Code: 5-0026-00065
Leaf made of liquid glass in brown color.Dimensions: 5.5 x 2 cmGoes well with light colored clothes..
Code: 5-0005-0044
Macrame necklace in metallic threads, decorated with glass heart and flowers.The bracelet of the set is macrame, decorated with rhinestones...
Code: 5-0026-00075
Triple "Malachite" braceletHandmade jewelry of malachite chips in knitted elastic thread with three rows. A unique piece in bright green color.Width: 2 cm..
Code: 5-0007-00021
"Mermaid" necklaceIrregularly shaped orange gemstones and blue glass beads together in a simple but spectacular necklace...
Code: 5-0026-00098
Necklace with silk round cord in black color and a butterfly pendant (6 x 4 cm) made of liquid glass in black color with brown and gray shades. Simple but elegant necklace suitable for all times. Cord length 40 cm with macrame binding..
Code: 5-0026-00064
With silver note-shaped metal frame with green-blue semi-precious stones. Metal safety pin clasp.It doesn't rustDimensions: 9 x 3 cmMatches with most monochrome jackets and coats..
Code: 5-0026-00085
"Orange Highlights" necklaceUnique handmade long necklace made of naturally colored carnelian chip stones.It is 45 cm long without clasp..
Code: 5-0015-0038
"Petrol Bead" braceletMacrame bracelet with a design of white, blue, petrol and gold beads...
Code: 5-0026-00079
Ηandmade "Polygon" braceletBraided and made by hand from semi-precious stones of various sizes in black and green color with great elasticity...
Code: 5-0026-00084
Handmade "Polygon" braceletBraided in a single row of semi-precious stones of various sizes in black color with great elasticity...
Code: 5-0023-00053
Handmade short necklace made of crystalline black stones.Length: 20 cm..
Code: 5-0026-00069
"Rose" earringsHandmade and unique stud earrings, made of stainless steel and polymer clay in green color.Diameter: 1 cm..
Code: 4-0003-00065
Painting on paper "Shapes and deformations".Dimensions: 18 x 14 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
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