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Code: 4-0003-00058
Painting on paper "Shapes and deformations".Dimensions 18 x 14 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
Code: 4-0003-00060
Painting on paper "Shapes and deformations".Dimensions: 18 x 14 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
Code: 4-0003-00061
Painting on paper "Shapes and deformations".Dimensions: 18 x 14 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
Code: 4-0003-00076
Painting on paper "Shapes and deformations".Dimensions: 30 x 20 cmCreator: Io Bletzaki..
Code: 4-0017-00143
Handmade table lamp with bush, glass and pebbles.Base dimensions: 26 x 12 cm, height 41 cm..
Code: 4-0006-00086
Wall decoration "Fish" with a smile and hearts, handmade mold and painting.Materials: Clay, flowers, hearts, paints, oil, varnish and knitted hanger.Dimensions 18.5 x 18 cm..
Code: 4-0002-00133
"Spring" painting. Painting on canvas with acrylic paints.Dimensions: 25,5 x 18 cm..
Code: 5-0007-00028
"Summer Drops" earrings Pearl, blue and transparent, like the colors of the sea and the sky!So much that it gives a note of free and relaxed feelings. Amazingly worn with short hair!..
"Sunset" Earrings "Sunset" Earrings
2-3 Days
Code: 5-0007-00027
"Sunset" earringsLarge round acrylic motifs and pearls that bring the sunset to mind when you look at them…..
Code: 5-0026-00089
Necklace with black flat leather cord and a pendant in the shape of a teardrop (5.5 x 3.5 cm) in liquid glass with malachite. A beautiful handmade elegant necklace for all times.Cord length 41 cm with clasp..
Code: 5-0007-00033
"The Buddha's Prayer" bracelet Dark red and brown beads playing around your wrist.Agate, jasper, haolite, with metal elements and a carved bead with the face of the Buddha.A truly unique piece of jewelry made by hand...
Code: 3-0013-00014
The "Tower of Babel" is a game of skill and strategy. It contains 54 wooden blocks that form an 18-storey tower. The Tower of Babel challenges players to remove the wooden blocks one by one and place them on top of the tower. As the game progresses, the base of the construction becomes increasingly ..
Code: 5-0023-00049
Handmade unique necklace made of stainless steel, amethyst and agate.Length: 41 cm..
Code: 3-0013-00012
The "Toucan" has a long stick that provides solid support and stability in the first steps of our little friends. The Toucan is an adorable colorful bird that moves its legs when a child drags it to the floor. Motion production teaches children cause and effect and encourages walkingIt is biodegrada..
Code: 5-0026-00086
"Transparent Heart" necklaceHandmade unique long necklace with round black leather cord and heart-shaped pendant (4 x 4 cm) made of liquid glass in white-pink color. It is 41 cm long with adjustable macrame binding..
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