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Code: 5-0015-0039
"Turquoise Βead" bracelet Macrame bracelet with a design of white, gold and turquoise beads...
Code: 5-0026-00062
With a metal frame in silver color that has an elaborate heart-shaped silver frame with a semi-precious stone in a turquoise shade with water painting technique.Dimensions: 3 x 3 cmVariable opening..
"Turtle" Ring
2-3 Days
Code: 5-0026-00060
With a silver-tone carved metal frame that has a turtle made of crystal semi-precious stones.It doesn't rustDimensions: 4.3 x 2.8 cmVariable opening..
Code: 5-0007-00030
"Uniqueness" braceletVintage bracelet with painted glass beads tied in a thread.The wonderful patterns of each bead give a unique beauty to your hand...
Code: 4-0006-00094
"Welcome" Dove Sign.Materials: dove made of clay and painted with paint and pastes, a wooden surface painted in 3D lettersDimensions: 40,5 x 18,5 cm..
"Wheel" Toy "Wheel" Toy
2-3 Days
Code: 3-0013-00013
The wooden children's wheel for sound production, encourages walking and develops the child's balance skills. The wooden child wheel encourages the child to push the audiovisual wooden wheel non-stop. Their interest remains inseparable as the woods from the legs of the wheel rattle at every step, at..
Code: 5-0015-0036
"White bead" braceletMacrame bracelet with design of white silver and gold beads...
Code: 5-0026-00057
Metallic silver frame decorated with silver carved daisy, petals made of semi-precious stone and stamens made of crystal stone of various sizes.Diameter: 3.5 cmVariable opening..
Code: 4-0002-00120
(Champane like) Bottle with a bunch of grapes and a barrel.Materials: clay and paintDimensions: H 35,5 cm, diameter 12 cm..
Code: 4-0012-00115
*This book is not translated in English.Book "100… ECCENTRIC PEOPLE OF OLD ATHENS". Charilaou Patera Publications collections 1999Publications: collections 1999ISBN: 960-7463-23-4Figure: 17 x 24 cmPages: 192The Eccentric people types of old Athens, according to the author, were t..
Code: 4-0017-00140
A clock & a tree. A handmade wooden clock with a dried tree next to it. Dimensions: 23 x 7,5 x 38 cm..
Code: 4-0017-00141
A clock with a boat. Handmade wooden wall clock on a white background. The clock runs on batteries (batteries are not included in the purchase of the product).Dimensions: 36 x 36 cm..
Code: 5-0005-0047
Natural ammonite fossil in beige-green color. Pendant with short thin chain in silver tone. ..
Code: 2-0015-0031
Ashtray keychain with a unique representation of "Don Quixote" in black color on a white background...
Code: 2-0015-0030
Ashtray keychain with a unique representation of "Don Quixote" on a black background...
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